After sporadicaly ventured in tourism, in february Mr. TONY meet with 2 friends and decided to dedicate themselfs to this area commercialy, and form a society called "TONY TUR S.A.". From there many journeys took place, always using used buses, in perfect conditions, as the company identifies.

In 1991, they buy their first 0km. bus for 40 passengers for tourism abroad (Camboriú, Cataratas, Uruguay, etc.), and national tourism, graduation trips, etc. Contracted services for E.N.T.E.L. were made (transport of personnel to Estación Terrena) such as for Casinos Nacionales (Casino of Pinamar).

In the year 1992 the opportunity to access to an executive national service line was presented, and they decide to venture in this new passenger transport area on a regular basis. The first 0 km. sleeping bus is bought that consisted of 24 passenger seats and 1 for the stewardess. The inaugural trip was made in December of that year with two weekly services to Puerto Iguazú with stopover in Retiro (Bs. As.). In this services the passenger was offerder: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, served with wine, champagne, whisky, sodas, coffee, skeezed juice, etc. Over time, new units were bought, and this service started to have stopovers in Posadas since 08/09/93.

In May of 1994, because it was not profitable, the service to Puerto Iguazú is canceled, continuing with the other services to Posadas and Retiro. Since 07/12/93 to 15/09/94 a service to Rosario was given. At that time the firsts double decker buses consisting in 41 seats were purchased, which made it more profitable.

On 04/04/95, already secured the Mar del Plata - Retiro line (current route), the service to Posadas was canceled.